Why Pt78?

How to connect with our customer in an increasingly fragmented communications market...  

It gets us up in the morning.  It keeps us awake at night.  The more we deploy technology, the more we leverage digital solutions, the less insight we seem to gain about the return on our total media and marketing investment.  Is all of it needed?  Do I have my mix right?  Should I be doing more programmatic?  How do I measure the impact of content marketing?  Are my agency partners playing nicely together?  Should I be more innovative on social?

We’ve wrestled with these challenges, and more, for decades.  We understand and that’s why we know we can help.

We have 4 core principles that guide our business



Constant innovation to help you respond to an ever-changing consumer and media environment.




In-depth local market knowledge combined with experience in agency and in-house marketing organisations.



Streamlined process.  Save time and money


Maximum positive effect

Focus on the ‘big wins’ and key risks.