Maximise the return on all your media and marketing investments.

Maximise the return on all your marketing and media investments.



Do you have the clarity and transparency you need on the breakdown of your investment?



Are you confident that all your marketing investment is optimised?



Do you have the right action plan that will deliver maximum positive change?



Connecting with customers in an increasingly fragmented communications market...

The more we deploy technology, the more we leverage digital solutions, the less insight we seem to gain about the return on our total media and marketing investment.  Is all of it needed?  Do I have my mix right?


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Pt78 offers a range of services designed to maximise the return on all your marketing and media investments.  


Our business will constantly evolve and transform because we work in a rapidly changing landscape.

More technology has led to greater fragmentation and less accountability. Working with emerging technologies, new media and new team structures, both in-house and within your multiple agency partners, means that the need to make sure your budget is working hard for you has never been greater.


“We’ve wrestled with these challenges, and more, for decades.  We understand and that’s why we know we can help.”

— Vivien McKechnie


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Your marketing investment is complex and fragmented.  With multiple agency partners, each executing different parts of your marketing plan, traditional audit and agency performance models are no longer fit for purpose.  We ensure you have full transparency throughout the procurement process and the structures to extract maximum value from your partners.


Delivering the plan requires an integrated marketing approach. We ensure you have the skills and the processes in place, so that your entire team, both in-house and within agency partners, are working effectively together to deliver the best results.


Winning strategies emerge naturally from winning processes. You understand your business better than anyone else.  Sometimes you just need to time out  from the day-to-day to unlock further potential. We work with you to convert that understanding into results.  We deliver insightful analysis and develop successful strategies for maximum financial gain.


It’s hard to keep pace with rapidly changing landscape and terminology. We deliver bespoke media and marketing training and  insights; from foundations to C-Suite, specialising in Executive and Board training.



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