6 reasons you should use a pitch consultant to get the right agency partners.

Having the best resources on your team plays a huge part in driving return on marketing investment.  The right level of expertise is critical, but even more important is the chemistry across the wider team, both agency and in-house. Getting this right can result in a sea-change in efficiency and effectiveness in communicating with consumers. Partners who challenge, lead and collaborate brilliantly with your team are invaluable.

Pitch consultants can play an important role in ensuring you are working with your A-Team, and here are 6 reasons why.

1.       See the right people.

Your network will be skewed towards your incumbent agency group. A pitch consultant works in the agency world full-time, knows the players, the news, the moves and changes, the success and challenges in the market. The “in-crowd” is not necessarily the best fit for your business. Use your pitch consultant’s market knowledge to make sure you are seeing the best possible partners.

 2.       Ask the right questions.

A pitch consultant should challenge what you’re looking for. What are the reasons for a pitch?  Are there issues that could be resolved within the current team rather than go to pitch?  What’s working, what’s not working? What are the key objectives for your business? What gaps do you have currently?  What capabilities will really drive commercial results? 

 3.       Get the right deal.

Negotiating the best agreement between you and your agency requires very specific expertise and experience. A pitch consultant with trading and agency fee experience will prioritise outcomes, know the right questions to ask, understand the nuances and negotiate a deal that delivers the best value for you.

 4.       Have the right process.

The pitch process doesn’t have to be heartache for clients, or indeed agencies. Plan the stages of the process carefully and the capabilities you need to explore. An intermediary will ensure that you avoid the common pitfall of “asking for the kitchen sink and learning nothing”. They will also ensure that timelines are well thought-out and manage delivery at each stage, keeping everyone on track.

 5.       Use the right tools.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel and lose valuable time that could be spent on growing your business.   A pitch consultant will provide streamlined templates and frameworks throughout every stage of the process.  Evaluation frameworks, for example, can be customised to your specific needs and requirements and can then form the basis of your performance framework with your new partner.  Using your selection criteria makes sense as you’ve already identified what’s important to you.

 6.       Accelerate smoothly.

Now that you’ve done all that work and made a great decision to stay or move, don’t fall over at the last hurdle. Make sure you transition seamlessly to a new team. An experienced pitch consultant knows the process and the pitfalls intimately. They will ensure that there is minimum disruption to the day to day and that the new agency is up and running with clear objectives and defined KPIs from the outset.

One last word of advice; think about your entire marketing resource throughout the process – your agencies, consultants and in-house teams. Effective integration is key.

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Vivien McKechnie