What’s in a name? The story behind Pt78

So – because we’ve been asked, literally, oooooh, a handful of times - we thought it might be a good idea to provide a bit of background to our company name – why Pt78 and what does it mean?

Well, Pt78 sits between Ir (77) and Au (79) – iridium and gold respectively. Pt78 is a combination of the symbol for, and the atomic number of, platinum.

Platinum is not a metal that sits around waiting for something to happen, nor does it get pushed around. Nope – platinum gets involved, platinum triggers stuff.  It makes a good catalyst – and here’s the science bit - because it absorbs strongly enough to hold and activate the reactants, but not so strongly that the products cannot break away.

Which reflects who we are and what we do. We’re in the business of maximising return on media and marketing investment and re-thinking media and marketing audit and strategy. 

At the risk of getting caught up in the metaphor, we absorb our clients’ current situations and the challenges they face. Our action plans provide focus – they hold things together, so to speak – and they facilitate change. They do not – and this is important - get in its way or limit its effects.

We offer our services across four areas – marketing procurement, marketing operations, marketing strategy and marketing capability.

Everything we do is according to Pt78’s four principles – to be innovative, to be expert, to be streamlined and to have maximum positive effect.

We won’t be “leveraging synergies to engineer a deep-dive process”, assimilating key learnings to ensure everything ladders back to the core” or “making plans to shift a paradigm”. 


We are clear, and focused and – like platinum itself – not some mixture of various things. Would it be too much to call ourselves elemental?

Pt78 Business Catalyst is our full registered name. Does what it says on the label, we think. 

We’d love to chat.  If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing spend, give us a call on (01) 556 36 78 or email us at hello@pt78.ieand we’ll get right back to you.

Sarah Probert