Our Services


Pt78 offers a range of services specifically designed to maximise the return on all your marketing and media investments.  

Winning in a rapidly changing environment drives a constant need to evolve our approach and practices and find new ways to measure marketing effectiveness and we’re up for that challenge!

Working with multiple agencies, new media, emerging technologies and new organisation structures, marketing leaders want confidence that their budget is working hard and delivering maximum ROI.



Marketing Procurement

Your marketing investment is complex and fragmented. You have multiple agency partners with complex arrangements. We ensure you have full transparency, your investment is optimised and you are maximising the return from your partners. 

  • Media Audit
  • Pitch Consultancy
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Transparency and Governance
  • Review agency fees, charges, mark-ups
  • Performance Frameworks and Optimisation
  • Agency Performance Reviews


Marketing Strategy

Winning strategies emerge naturally from winning processes. You understand your business better than anyone else.  Sometimes you just need to time out  from the day-to-day to unlock further potential.

We work with you to convert that understanding into results.  We deliver insightful analysis and develop successful strategies for maximum financial gain.

  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Consumer and B2B Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Media and Communications Strategy
  • Digital and Social Strategy


Marketing Operations

Delivering the plan requires an integrated marketing approach. We ensure you have the skills and the processes in place to ensure that your entire team, both in-house and within agency partners, are working effectively together to deliver the best results.

  • Organisational Review
  • Skills Audit
  • Integrated Marketing Approach
  • Multiple Agency Management
  • Marketing Coach
  • Marketing Performance Optimisation



Marketing Capability

It’s hard to keep pace with rapidly changing landscape and terminology. We deliver bespoke media and marketing training and market insights, from foundation to C-Suite, specialising in Executive and Board training.

  • Media Training
  • Marketing Foundations
  • Strategic Marketing Thinking
  • Trends and Terminology
  • Marketing Procurement

How we deliver this to your business

Our three-step process

  1. Identify: Data-driven discovery to challenge and verify
  2. Innovate: Optimise investment, focusing on the big wins
  3. Implement: The right action plan to deliver maximum positive change

Identify. Innovate. Implement.